massif-visualizer Ubuntu Install Notes


Here are the partial instructions for Ubuntu 10.04 with branch 8f84a30 from July 29, 2010

Get the depends:
#sudo aptitude install kdelibs
#sudo aptitude install cmake
#sudo aptitude install kdelibs4-dev
#sudo aptitude install kdebase
#sudo apt-get install libphonon-dev build-essential
#sudo aptitude install kde-devel

get kgraphviewer:

#sudo aptitude install graphviz-dev graphviz
#sudo aptitude install kdepimlibs5-dev
#sudo aptitude install boost-build libboost-all-dev

#mkdir kgraphviewer
#cd kgraphviewer/

#svn co svn:// .

Then follow their README and install

Then Get git:
#sudo aptitude install git-core

get the Massif-Visualizer from

#git clone git://

Then you can follow the massif-visualizer readme

See images at :

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There are 3 comments in this article:

  1. 2/06/2011Catskul say:

    You might want to update this to your new git repo location: git clone git://

  2. 10/11/2012Svyatoslav say:

    Massif Visualizer moved to git://

  3. 17/11/2012Mouse, Anony say:

    This is quite out of date now. As of time of writing (Nov 2012), massif-visualiser is now at:

    and you can either use their UI to grab a tarball or clone the whole repo. you don’t *need* the kgraphviewer stuff, its listed as optional in their documentation (INSTALL file). You do need to install kdelibs5-dev and cmake. Here is my install log, but I had some stuff installed already

    Installed the following packages:
    automoc (1.0~version-0.9.88-5)
    kdelibs5-dev (4:4.8.4-4)
    libkimproxy4 (4:4.8.4-4)
    libknewstuff2-4 (4:4.8.4-4)
    libkprintutils4 (4:4.8.4-4)
    libkrossui4 (4:4.8.4-4)
    libkunitconversion4 (4:4.8.4-4)
    libkutils4 (4:4.8.4-4)
    libphonon-dev (4:
    libsoprano-dev (2.7.6+dfsg.1-1)

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