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Serve .json as content type application/json with Apache on Ubuntu


If you are using Ubuntu 10.04 or Debian and you serve .json files through Apache, you might want to serve the files with the correct content type. I am doing this primarily because I want to use the Firefox extension JSONView

The Apache module mod_mine will help to do this easily. However, with Ubuntu you need to edit the file /etc/mime.types and add the line

application/json json

Then restart Apache

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart


How to set a default font (AKA guifont) in your .gvimrc


From : How to set default macvim or gvim font size

A tip on editing your .gvimrc options file, for gvim or macvim… if you want to set a guifont, but the name contains spaces, you’ll need to escape the spaces to get the font to work.

For example, normally (at least on macvim), if you wanted to use, say, Monaco size 12 as a GUI font, you would add a line to your gvimrc saying

set guifont=Monaco:h12

(Naturally, you could also :set this from within vim.)

If you wanted to use Bitstream Vera Sans Mono instead, you would escape the spaces with a backslash, thusly:

set guifont=Bitstream\ Vera\ Sans\ Mono:h12

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The Singularity Summit 2010


—not ready for others to read, but making public anyway —

A collection of the faithful gathered in one large room. Among the believers were those seeking healing. They did not reach out the touch the robe of Kurtzweil, not only because he only appeared over the net, but they instead sought the empowerment provided by the most far out boundaries of what is know.

The good news is that frontiers are being forged, primarily the brain sciences. The search for AI seemed to have morphed into a quest to reverse engineer the brain. To learn from Biology. However, the quest seeks to enhance what biology has to offer.

No advances in AI, or even close to it seem to have been presented. Only a uniformed concession that the old way of thinking as is a dead end.

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Richard Hamming: You and Your Research


Now again, emotional commitment is not enough. It is a necessary condition apparently. And I think I can tell you the reason why. Everybody who has studied creativity is driven finally to saying, “creativity comes out of your subconscious.” Somehow, suddenly, there it is. It just appears. Well, we know very little about the subconscious; but one thing you are pretty well aware of is that your dreams also come out of your subconscious. And you’re aware your dreams are, to a fair extent, a reworking of the experiences of the day. If you are deeply immersed and committed to a topic, day after day after day, your subconscious has nothing to do but work on your problem. And so you wake up one morning, or on some afternoon, and there’s the answer. For those who don’t get committed to their current problem, the subconscious goofs off on other things and doesn’t produce the big result. So the way to manage yourself is that when you have a real important problem you don’t let anything else get the center of your attention – you keep your thoughts on the problem. Keep your subconscious starved so it has to work on your problem, so you can sleep peacefully and get the answer in the morning, free.

from Richard Hamming: You and Your Research , maybe listen to this in the background

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