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The search for a Issue Tracker/Ticketing System

It is utterly essential for anyone doing tech support for large amounts of people to have some system to manage all of the important information. I was in the position of choosing such a system for a smallish help desk, which is independent of the bug reporting system used by the in house developers.

I was already intimately familiar with RequestTracker. However, I wanted something a little more light weight.

Here are a few of the aggregation of data on the subject that I utilized.

This was a total data avalanche. So I made use of the complex visual data processing components of my brain and made the decision to determine the desing merit of based on their public website. It is logical when considering that I am using the product as a website.

more later.

is the solution I chose. and it is awesome. I had never used zope before, but it was 2 commands to get running in Ubuntu.

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