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WiFi on Windows Mobile 2005

I have been a windows mobile device user for some time. This is a guide for connecting Windows Mobile devices to Wireless (wifi) networks. For anyone that might have difficulty finding out what the mac address on their PPC I would recommend using vxipconfig it is a great free application that is similar to ipconfig for Windows.

The following outlines the steps need to connect my T-Mobile MDA to UTK's wireless network. My device is running Windows Mobile 2005.

Turn Wireless card on

If there is some type of connection manager find it and enable the wireless card on my device a T-Mobile mda there is a button dedicated to starting the connection manager, from there wireless can be toggled on and off

Configuring networks

Tap Start > Settings

Select the “Connections” tab and then tap “Network Cards”

Then tap “Add New…”

For “Network name” enter in “nomad”

Then select the “Network Key” tab. For “Authentication” select “Open” and for “Data Encryption” select “Disabled”.

After you have made these changes just tap “OK”

You should be taken back to “Configure Wireless Networks”. Tap and hold “nomad” and select “Connect”. This might take a few seconds, after it is done just tap “OK”. If all goes well you should be on the network.


To make sure you are on the wireless network you can check it by doing the following. Tap Start > Settings Select the “Connections” tab and then tap “Wireless LAN

You should see a screen similar to the following

how the screen shots were obtained

Also if anyone is interested I used Remote Display Control for Pocket PC to view my PDA on my Windows box. I then used Irfanview to create the screen shots.

Another option would have been to use a pocket pc vnc server

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