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Python and XML

The proliferation and profusion of libraries available for Python is one of the primary reasons that it is my language of choice. Python much like its Unix ancestors is very modular, such that an unnumerable combination of tools can be composed to solve any particular problem. The Django project to me embodies this pluggable architecture. It can run on many operating systems (including windows mobile). The ORM provides an abstraction layer that allows you to select from a number of options including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and SQLite out of the box (and even more from other folks). Then there are numerous ways serve to the sites including Apache, Lighthttpd, IIS, and numerous others. The same is true for the template engine, the caching mechanism, and the list goes on and on.

In the same way there is are a glut of XML libraries to choose from.

The problem for the new comer becomes what do I choose. The frustration from this fellow is palpable Python XML special interest group

You claim to want Python to be the premier language for processing XML - but your pyxml module only supports Python 2.4?
I am trying to learn Python and so far very impressed with the core language but the Python community is a disaster are.
Documentation is sparse, fragmented and very poorly written. Examples are rare, and many modules are not compiled against the latest version of Python.

This page is simply a record of the search that I have undergone in my efforts to tame the XML beast.

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