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Selfish Gene - Dawkings

Reading this book is bringing about more questions to me than it is answering. As a result I feel compelled to make notes of the questions that are coming to mind. So many questions are coming to mind that my progress in reading the book is moving along at a rather slow pace. I have to set it down every few paragraphs and google something. In my effort to being writing more I am going to try to keep track of these ideas that I have, while they are fresh. I know that if I don't, much in the same way as a vivid dream will depart from the mind soon after waking, these ideas will wilt and nothing will result of them.

In fact I was thinking how great it would be if there was some community that I could go to and post the questions I have about particular things that result from a certain page in a certain book and connect to a community of people that might be able to help me.


Many of these can be solved by a quick google. It seems that like with many things, finding the solution to one problem leads to a desire to find out more about that topic. I also need to track the progression of my a search for certain things. After recording it I can “map” out the trail that one should take when attempting to find out the same thing for them self. This would be useful because the others could share their information trials as well. So when I want to find something out I can first search to see if their have been others that have taken that path before and follow their footsteps. If I created a service that allowed people to do this I would of course allow others to modify the path so that it can grow over time and evolve.

chapter 3 - Immortal coils

do twins have identical dna?

  • which lead to the question what is a phenotype

Are sperm alive?

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